Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Going to Try Hard! (Outfit of the Day)

Okay, so, I made this fashion blog, yet I've done nothing with it! So here are the things I will do on it:

  • Outfit of the Day
  • Fashion Reviews
  • Splurge vs. Save Outfits
  • My Must Haves

Okay? So I'll start off easy(:

Outfit Of The Day

Today, I wore my orchestra uniform, since we had a contest
  • -white tank top under my white dress shirt
  • -black tights under my black dress pants
  • -black flats

boring, right? Well, it's professional guys! Also, a grade(:

Later, I wore my regular clothes! (Remember, I'm almost 15, so it's... teenager clothes.)
  • -white V-neck American Eagle shirt
  • -Dark wash Aeropostale Capri's (still too big for me)
  • -white converse with neon pink and green socks (I'm into that at the moment... mis-matching bright neon socks)
  • -American Eagle bracelet with studs
  • -necklace withe a peace and heart charm. It's really cute.

Boring, I know. You all are lucky I'm trying, okay? (:

Note: I may post every day, maybe not. Depends if I a) remember or b)have something for y'all.

Have a great day(:

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